Ok, WTW?

Well ... first, Kathy R and Joe W graduated! Joe W holds the record for the longest VLab student (on order 8 years?). That is going to be hard to break! Congratulations to both for a job well done. Next, we had a bunch of MS students graduate, congratulations to David Dai, Mason Minot and Rohaine Hsu on great work!

Oh yeah, there is one more thing ...

We moved Varnerlab to Purdue University last summer, and now we are moving back to Cornell. Other than that, its all good.


Many new things have happened ...

Wow, where do we start. Let's see ...

Holly graduated and is emplyed at Pfizer (congratulations Holly!). Tom Mansell took a faculty position in CBE at Iowa State (where he went with a red T in his profile picture, bold choice sir). Congrtulations Tom! Ryan Tasseff is back in the USA after a stint in France. He is now a proud member of P&G (congratulations Ryan!). Lastly, Ani is a dad (congratulations Ani!). I guess it was good that I didn't harvest all his organs and trade them for a Van!

Oh, and one more thing ...

We moved Varnerlab to Purdue University. More to come on the move ...


What? Has the world ended ... Did Joe pass his A exam?

Yep kids it's true, Joe W passed his A exam! Congratulations to Joe on a job very well done. His CBE and AEP committee members were blown away. Outstanding!

Sep032014 is reborn!

Chelsea Hu to the rescue! After many years of neglect, Chelsea has rescued from ruin. We hope you like the new look and feel, stay tuned for more to come! Great job Chelsea.


Holly Jensen rocks the ACS casbah

Holly just presented her first talk at a national meeting (American Chemical Society in San Diego). She crushed it! Probably the best part, in the first slide she used the varnerlab's favorite word ... Schematic! Nice Job Holly!